WordPress Is Secure – Here’s Why

WordPress is the most popular CMS in the world powering over 1.3 billion active websites. Such popularity naturally draws the attention of hackers. The more targets there are, the more they have to gain.

But opting for a less popular CMS isn’t necessarily the solution. This is because nothing in the digital world is 100% secure. So it’s safe to say that no CMS out there is completely secure and neither is WordPress.

In the past, WordPress did face security issues that led to many sites on its platform being hacked. The last major hack WordPress faced was back in 2017 when a vulnerability led to 1.5 million WordPress websites being defaced. However, the WordPress team of developers sprung into action promptly and fixed the vulnerability immediately.

Since then, WordPress hasn’t faced any issue. So to answer the question ‘Is WordPress Secure?” Yes, it’s safe to say the platform is secure. Here’s why:

    • This WordPress core team comprises some of the best developers in the world.
    • They work hard to enhance the software and improve the technology of WordPress.
    • More importantly, they ensure it’s a secure platform by testing their software and fixing any flaws immediately.
    • The team continues to develop new defense mechanisms that keep WordPress airtight against hackers.
    • In addition, WordPress spends millions of dollars each year to ensure the security of its platform.

We can trust that WordPress takes security very seriously to ensure the safety of all websites on their platform.

But despite having such rock-solid security, WordPress sites are still targeted and hacked! How is this possible? We tackle this conundrum next.

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